Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Update on Enterprise OAuth BOF at IIW

For those interested, the following sessions have been proposed for Wednesday at IIW 11 (tomorrow):
  1. Introduction / level-set (Patrick Harding)
  2. Client App credentials discussion (Chuck Mortimore)
  3. Chaining, Can OAuth happend for Application access to directories/databases? (Phil Hunt)
  4. The case for OAuth for Enterprises who already have SAML Artifact support. Discussion (Prateek Mishra)
  5. Relationship to Kerberos (Thomas Hardjono)
  6. Revocation/logout - Revocation of client credentials? Session logout and access token relationships (Axel Nennker).
Apologies if I missed any topics.

I also recommend Eric Sachs paper on OAuth Practices. This paper makes a fairly good case for why OAuth is important to enterprise customers and enterprise application developers.

Please feel free to pass this info to fellow attendees who you think might be interested!

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