Thursday, October 14, 2010

Enterprise OAUTH and ChangeNotify at IIW #11

For those considering attending the Internet Identity Workshop 11 in Mountain View, California, here a couple of session proposals that may be of interest:
  • Enterprise OAuth BOF - this is looking like it may be an all day session on Wednesday as lot of topics have already been proposed (email me or comment if you want the list). If you are interested in adding topics, please let me know by commenting below.
  • ChangeNotify - an introduction and update on the SAML ChangeNotify specification. This proposal has proved to be an interesting way to handle updates between federated providers particularly for cloud services. We'll discuss why it is different and what the advantages are. While ChangeNotify is currently profiled for SAML, there has been a proposal to develop a notification protocol variant that is non-SAML specific. Your participation and input is greatly appreciated! If you have a preference for a specific day on this, let me know!
See you there!

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