Thursday, September 30, 2010

OAuth And The Re-Emergence Of HTTP And Client Apps

As I mentioned yesterday, I've been doing a lot of thinking about OAuth and what it brings to "web" applications. Is delegation really a big deal? I think so. While social networking has developed this protocol and the enterprise community has considered its relevance, something else has been changing and will likely contribute to demand for OAuth. I'm talking about the re-emergence of the intelligent client application and of HTTP itself.

John Gruber puts forward an excellent theory on Apple, the evolution of browsers, and what he feels is the real Web 2.0 revolution.

Definitely some interesting food for thought.

How many times are you asked to enter user-id and passwords in these mobile applications? Delegation is one of the methods in which you can authorize a mobile application to access your data in a cloud application.

If intelligent mobile and desktop client applications are the next 'thing', then OAuth will be a key requirement for handling authentication of intelligent client applications in enterprise applications.


Paul Madsen said...

is it really contentious that the iPhone is a web device?

Phil Hunt said...

I didn't mean to imply there was contention here. I meant to imply that there is an emergence of intelligent client apps that need to be able to act on a user's behalf. The mobile market is one such place where this is a very strong tendancy.

Paul Madsen said...

Hi Phil , I was commenting on Gruber's prez premise

agree on value of 'act on user's behalf'


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