Monday, July 7, 2008

The Information Card Foundation

As many of you know, the Information Card Foundation was recently announced. Oracle is one of the founding members. Eric Leach, writing for the Oracle Access Management blog, interviews Uppili Srinivasan, Senior Director of IdM and Security Products, about Oracle's participation in the ICF:
Eric: What can Oracle's Identity and Access Management customers expect from our participation with the Information Card Foundation?

Uppili: This announcement about Oracle joining Information Card Foundation is a key component of Oracle’s position on “User-centric Identity” (UCI). At the heart of Oracle’s strategy is Oracle’s vision to deliver the benefits of user-centric Identity to its customers as a complementary solution layer that leverages existing Identity infrastructure, solutions and roadmap.

Consistent with the above vision, Oracle’s product roadmap will include both incremental integration of user-centric featuers within existing IAM products as well as focused turnkey solutions for this market, as this evolves and emerges.
For the complete interview, click here!

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