Friday, February 14, 2014

New IETF SCIM drafts - Revision 03 Details

Yesterday, the IETF SCIM (System for Cross Domain Identity Management) Working Group published new draft specification revisions:

This draft was essentially a clean-up of the specification text into IETF format as well as a series of clarifications and fixes that will greatly improve the maturity and interoperability of the SCIM drafts. SCIM has had a number of outstanding issues to resolve and in this draft, we managed to knock off a whole bunch of outstanding issues - 27 in all! More change log details are also available in the appendix of each draft.

Key updates include:

  • New attribute characteristics: 
    • returned - When are attributes returned in response to queries
    • mutability - Are attributes readOnly, immutable, readWrite, or writeOnly
    • readOnly - this boolean has been replaced by mutability
  • Filters
    • A new "not" negation operator added
    • A missing ends with (ew) filter was added
    • Filters can now handle complex attributes allowing multiple conditions to be applied to the same value in a multi-valued complex attributes. For example:
      • filter=userType eq "Employee" and emails[type eq "work" and value co ""]
  • HTTP
    • Clarified the response to an HTTP DELETE
    • Clarified support for HTTP Redirects
    • Clarified impact of attribute mutability on HTTP PUT requests
  • General
    • Made server root level queries optional
    • Updated examples to use '/v2' paths rather than '/v1'
    • Added complete JSON Schema representation for Users, Groups, and EnterpriseUser.
    • Reformatting of documents to fit normal IETF editorial practice
Thanks to everyone in the working group for their help in getting this one out!

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