Thursday, May 29, 2008

IGF Attribute Services API Demo

I've been meaning to create a demo showing what it might be like for a developer to write applications that access identity information using the new CARML-enabled Attribute Services API. Accordingly I've put together this brief 10 minute video that demos how easy it is to write a JSP script to access identity information through a declarative API without having to worry about protocols, vendors, or deployment environments - the Identity Bus/Metaverse/Network just deals with the application's requirements based on configuration and policy and the application benefits!

This video just shows the developer's experience and why I think developers might start to get excited. Yes, the API is privacy enhancing and all that stuff, but the reality is, any new API has to be easy, powerful, and open (as in Apache 2 License in this case) or developers just aren't going to care. Jeff, I hope this answers some of your important concerns!

The video does not cover how the API does its work, nor how is the deployment managed and configured. However, if you are planning on attending the Burton Group Catalyst Conference, please be sure to stop by the booth and I'll give you a walk thru! I'll try and post more video's of IGF in action as time permits!

I hope this video shows at least an initial concept that represents the kind of vision that Kim Cameron, Dale Olds, Jackson Shaw, Dave Kearns and many others have been talking about. I don't think we are there yet...for that, we're gonna need your input! Check out the openLiberty project today!

[Note: Oops!! I just saw the rendering that YouTube did of my video. With the downscaling the screen shots became incredibly blurry. I'm going to play around and see if I can post this video in a way that is clearer.]

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Todd Beets said...

It's great to see the first concrete examples of IGF. Thanks for the video Phil. -Todd

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