Monday, October 22, 2007

Liberty Tokyo Meeting Day 1

The Liberty Alliance meeting got off to a great start today here in Tokyo. After some great discussions and hard work this morning, Paul Madsen, our outgoing Technical Expert Group chair got things going by arranging for a beach football (soccer)  match...
Have some ill-feeling towards a TEG colleague? Didn't appreciate their constantly changing feedback on a spec you edited? Resent travelling to Dulles every second meeting? Believe their blog numbers are mostly driven by Irish relatives? Bring all such tensions to the game, I know I will.

I have been preparing for the game by practicing

- rolling around on the floor clutching my shins
- raising arms in mock disbelief at an offside call
- running away from team mates after scoring
- dating vacuous swimsuit models
Some photographic evidence of the game:

A shot from last night (I thought I was in the wrong city!):

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