Thursday, October 25, 2007

Liberty Alliance In Japan

Today, I was honored to attend the Liberty Alliance 2007 Tokyo meeting hosted by the Liberty Alliance Japan SIG.

As usual, it was great to hear Roger talk about the great progress being made. I continue to be surprised at the amount of important work going on at Liberty. Paul Madsen blogs about it here.

For me, it was a special honor as next month marks the first year anniversary of the Identity Governance Framework. This week we had another productive discussion in the Liberty Technical Expert Group on the development of the IGF standards.

The Liberty TEG also held a joint meeting with the Privacy Policy Expert Group (PPEG). Much of this discussion was about how privacy officers can use IGF in support of Privacy Impact Assessments in both federated and enterprise environments.

I also want to thank my colleague John Aisien who filled in for me and presented IGF at the RSA London conference this past Tuesday when it became obvious I couldn't be in Japan and London at the same time. Things are getting busy!

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